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The Right Tool For You

In Morphies Law you’ll spend a lot of time shooting to steal other Morphies’ mass, so weapons are kind of important. Because finding the right tool for you matters, you can make your own weapons!

Make Your Own Weapons

Weapons are composed of 2 parts: a “base” part (reliable companion to help you steal mass) and a “beef it up” part (because stealing mass is not the only fun thing to do!). You can store up to 4 different weapons in your loadout and those are the weapons you get access to during a match, however you can change your loadout as many times as you want!

Play to Unlock Weapons Parts

Head on into Morphies Law, cause mass-mayhem to grow through the levels and unlock weapon parts to increase your arsenal!



Shoots bullets. Every game has one, why not us?

Hip Shot

Fan of the Wild Wild West? We got you covered!


Up close and deadly.


Steal mass one bullet at a time.


Good things come in small… bursts.


It might start out slow… but the longer the encounter the nastier the Rotatonic!


The latest advance in enemy sizzling technology.



Shoots 5 consecutive rockets! Big explosions! Big kickback! Big fun!

Slippery Splat

Create oil puddles that heal and speed up allies while making enemies slip, or shoot oil directly at others to increase the damage of allies and decrease that of enemies!

Hit Me Please

Open your umbrella to block bullets and deflect rockets coming at you from the front.

Fat Falcon

The rocket is big enough to shoot a satellite out of orbit, but we use it to deliver 3 Kg of TNT to fellow Morphies.

Buzz Ball

Shoot a slow traveling ball of lightning to give your enemies a buzzy feeling, slowing them down and disabling their buttrocket!

Scope Pope

Hold down the trigger to zoom in and charge your shot, release the trigger to fire.

El Zappo

Short range but powerful lightning beam. Very talented at removing foam.

Expando 9000

Shoot expanding foam to block passages, form shields or build a comfy home.

Sonic Punch

Punch players away… from a distance.

Vicious Vortex

Create a vortex with an appetite for mass, damaging enemies and absorbing projectiles. Keep it well fed or it’ll shrink away.

Big Bang

Blow up your whole neighbourhood! You might be unharmed but others won’t be so lucky…