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Avatars Matter

Avatars aren’t there just to look scary! They have a connection to the game mode you play and will ultimately determine which team wins the match!

How Does My Avatar Win?

Great question… your Avatar will have to be better than the enemy’s! Seriously though, you’ll have to read on to learn more about the rules of each game mode, but remember that being bigger normally helps move things along!


Morph Match

In Morph Match the total mass of all team members combined is the only thing that matters! The taller your team, the taller your Avatar. The team with the tallest Avatar wins!

Spoiler alert: mass transfer between your team members does not affect your Avatar’s size…

Head Hunt

Your Avatar lost its head! In Head Hunt you’ll have to find a spare head and bring it to your base to repair your Avatar. There’s only 1 spare head though, so prepare to fight the opposing team for it!

Spoiler alert: the head is heavy, not every Morphie can carry the same weight…

Mass Heist

In Mass Heist you need to steal mass from the enemy Avatar and donate it to your own Avatar at a mass altar. The enemy Avatar is protected by a shield though, so you’ll have to find a way to disable it before you can steal mass! Almost forgot… the active mass altar changes periodically and only 1 is enabled for both teams every time, have fun!

Spoiler alert: stealing more mass means more to donate, but it also makes you a bigger target…