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What platforms will Morphies Law be released on?

First we will unleash the Morphies on Nintendo Switch. PC will follow a bit later this year.

Will Morphies Law support gyro controls on Nintendo Switch?

Yes, from the start!

Isn’t it unfair to punish skilled players?

It’s true that skilled (and therefore big) players are easier to hit, but we are sure that skilled players appreciate the challenge! Also, keep in mind that bigger body-parts mean stronger Specs and Plugins!

Will there post-release content?

We love the Morphies and want to explore their unique and weird world even further. In what form we do not know yet, but you can be sure that there’ll be more Morphie-content soon!

Will Morphies Law support split screen?

Unfortunately we couldn’t include it at launch, but we haven’t ruled it out yet.

Will there be cross-play between PC and Switch?

We would really like to make it happen but we are still investigating whether we can. We will provide more information once we find out more.

Is Morphies Law digital only or can I buy it in the stores?

For now, digital only – no need to clutter your home with physical stuff.

Wasn’t the prototype shown more than two years ago? What took you so long!?!

As it turns out, making games is more complicated than we thought…