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The World of Morphies Law

First, all the water disappeared from Earth, then all biological life. What’s left are the Morphies: eccentric robots fighting for mass on derelict oil platforms, which they have turned into their home towns. Each platform reflects the character of the Morphies that built and decorated it. From Western towns to Mexican or even Aztec villages, you’ll find everything!

Unique Mass Mechanics

Mass is integral to every part of Morphies law, including maps! Each map has a special mass mechanic unique to it, which means that each map plays different from the rest. From sinking buildings to rotating horizontal hamster wheels, you’ll have to learn how mass affects every map. Have fun!


Fan Antonio

Colorful town full of fans that affect Morphies differently based on their size. Sometimes they block your path, others they help you along. Beware of trap fans.

Maztec Temple

Aztec ruins made of concentric rings. When Morphies run on them they’ll rotate like huge horizontal hamster wheels, creating (and closing) new paths.

Tanker Town

Little town built on a big oil tanker carried by the two team Avatars. Different size Avatars will make the tanker tilt, turning the oil pool in the middle into a slide and creating new paths.

Morphie Saloon

Western town where buildings sink when Morphies stand on them. The bigger the Morphie, the faster the building will sink… Careful, buildings can crash you!