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With our unlimited demo, Morphies Law: Fartnight, you can play for free and unlock Morphies Law piecemeal as you try it out!

You can play online for free, as long as you want! But there’s a catch: after 30 minutes the games’ sounds will get swapped with playful… flatulent audio!

Tokens can be purchased that restore the original sounds and unlock other features until every feature in the full game is available. Don’t need offline play? Skip it. Like the fart sounds? Keep them! 



How long can I play for?

You can play online as long as you want!

Which game modes and maps are unlocked by default with the demo?

All of them! there are no limitations when it comes to online play, you can play every game mode on every map.

Will I lose my progress if I buy Morphies Law?

No! All your progress will be transferred to Morphies Law when you buy it. You will not lose anything.

Can I play with my friends?

Of course! You have 2 options: Join any of your friends when they are in a public game that isn’t full, regardless of their version of Morphies Law, or create private games that your friends playing the same version of Morphies Law can join (i.e. if you are playing Fartnight, only other friends playing Fartnight can join you in private games, but all your friends can join you in public games).