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Hello Morphies!

Morphies Law: Remorphed is finally here! If you already owned Morphies Law before, this is a free update for you with lots of new content! You can download the full patch notes from > here <.

Here’s an overview of what’s been added, changed and improved in Morphies Law: Remorphed!

– Dedicated servers and online account progression.
– Cross-platform play between PC and Switch.
– 4 new maps added.
– 2 of the old maps redesigned and the other 2 updated.
– 1 new game mode added.
– 1 of the old game modes redesigned.
– Base weapons system redesigned for to improved the shooting experience.
– 4 new weapons added.
– Several of the old weapons have been updated with improved functionality.
– All Plugins have been improved.
– New features added: missions, Morphie View, different rarities of piñatas and more.
– New customization categories added: antenna and musical instrument.
– Dozens of quality of life improvements and hundreds of bug fixes.

> Full Patch Notes Here <