Want to participate?

Do you want to play Morphies Law, try to break it and get rewards for doing so?
Just enter your e-mail right here and we’ll contact you as soon as we are ready to let you into the game!

What’s this about?

Hello Morphies! We think that 2.0 is pretty much ready, but we’d like you to prove us wrong…
We want to put Morphies Law to the test and we need you to help us find those things that we might have missed.
We’ll be doing this on PC, and those who help will get in-game rewards! There will be multiple events on PC, and we’ll invite additional people to each of them.

Why are we doing this?

The first batch of Morphies that landed on Nintendo Switch had manufacturing defects. We want to ensure this won’t happen with Morphies Law 2.0.
We think we are pretty much there, but we would like your help to make sure that the next batch of Morphies come in mint condition.

Frequently asked questions

Q: When will these events begin?
A: They will begin later this month. We’ll send out an e-mail to those that have been selected for each event.

Q: How many people will participate?
A: We’ll increase the amount of players that we invite for each event, so chances of participating will only increase!

Q: I’m a Switch player, will I get the rewards on my Switch account if I participate in these events?
A: Yes. Once 2.0 goes live, we will provide Switch players that participated in the PC events a way to claim the rewards on their Switch account.