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It's All About Mass
Morphies Law is a robot morphology driven 3D shooter with a simple basic law: each weapon hit transfers mass from the victim's damaged limb to the corresponding limb of the attacker.

Mass Means Balance
An immediate consequence of mass-stealing is that skilled players become tall and easy to hit, whereas beginners shrink until they become difficult targets. Highly skilled players may therefore play with casual players in the same match and both can enjoy the game. Fairness ensues.

Mass Means Mastery
Your skill will not be expressed by your kill-death-ratio but rather by your body size, and the bigger you get the harder it will be to stay big.

Mass Means Victory
In team games the goal is to have the biggest Avatar, which can be achieved in different ways and has different consequences depending on the game mode.


Morphing is integral to every part of the game and makes every match feel different.

A Morphie’s Body
Morphies have bodies capable of growing and shrinking their individual body parts independently. Morphies have 8 different body parts you can steal mass from, and each one affects your abilities in one way or another. For example, the size of your lower body affects the behavior of your butt-rocket.

Adapt Your Individual Strategy
With long legs you can jump on buildings, when you are small you can hide in tiny holes. Thanks to the impact that every limb has on your abilities and the way the maps are designed, each size configuration will allow you to do things that other sizes cannot do.

Create Team Strategies
Friendly fire does not change the size of your team Avatar and can therefore be used to implement advanced team tactics. For example, you could shift your team mass from one player to another, allowing each of your team members to reach an advantageous position. Used the right way, friendly fire can be a crucial part of your team strategy.

A Unique Robot Morphology System
Countless body configurations and strategies, thanks to the ability to steal mass from each body part independently.
Abilities That Change With Your Body
The size of each body part directly affects what you can do. Leg size is responsible for jump height, feet size affects the strength of your landing effect, etc.

sample-image Maps Designed for Different Body Sizes
Whether you are tall or tiny, there are special areas and pathways just for you. Use them to slip through your enemies’ fingers in dangerous situations or to attack them where they expect it the least!

sample-image Multiple Game Modes
The robot morphology system imbues traditional game modes, like team deathmatch, with new life. But there are also unique new game modes built around the unique mass-centered gameplay mechanic.
4vs4 Local and Online Multiplayer
Play with your friends or jump online to compete against players from around the world.



When will Morphies Law launch?
When it's done™. We are targetting a release in 2018, more information coming soon...

Will Morphies Law support motion controls?
Yes, Morphies Law will support motion controls (gyroscope) on Nintendo Switch.

Which platforms will Morphies Law be available in?
It will be launched on Nintendo Switch first and PC will follow some weeks later.

Will Morphies Law have 1st person view?
Not at launch. It is very important to us that players can see and appreciate their body configuration and how it affects gameplay, which is why we won't have 1st person view at release. However we might consider it post release depending on the feedback we receive from the community.

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